Literair Paspoort International Poetry Festival

The Hague, September, 2004

Adrian Grima has been invited to represent Malta at the third edition of the Literair Paspoort International Poetry Festival in The Hague, The Netherlands, in September 2004. He will be reading his poetry at the residence of the Maltese Ambassador to The Netherlands, Mr. Adrian Strickland. The poems will also be read in Dutch translation.

In addition to its regular Dutch-language festivals, the foundation ‘Dichter aan huis’ organized international poetry festivals in 1998 and 2002. These festivals are called ‘Literair Paspoort’ (Literary Passport), and both festivals were highly successful. In contrast to large-scale stage performances the festival formula is to attain direct contact between poet and public.

Festival locations are twenty-four ambassadorial residencies or Embassies in the city of The Hague, the government centre of the Netherlands. 48 poets will participate in the festival, 24 from the countries whose Ambassadors kindly allow the organizers to use their residency, and 24 Dutch and Flemish poets.

literair_paspoort_2004_npeThe theme of this year’s edition of Literair Paspoort is “United by Diversity – A Poetical Journey through Europe.” The organizers consider literature, and especially poetry, as “an excellent instrument to express the uniqueness of the various cultures within Europe.” The festival contributes to the mutual dialogue and exchange between the cultures of member states and candidate countries of the European Union and other European countries. “The festival offers the poets and the public alike the opportunity to obtain insight in patterns of similarity and dissimilarity.”

On the occasion of this international event a book of poetry (1500 copies) has been published with one poem of each participating poet in the original language and in Dutch translation. Adrian Grima’s poem is “Distanzi.” This and nine other poems which will be read at the residence of the Maltese Ambassador have been translated by Maarten Elzinga. These translations were commissioned by the ‘Dichter aan huis’ foundation.

All those present for the readings will receive a copy of the anthology and a hand-out containing all the poems read by the poet in the original language and in translation. Each one of the 24 foreign poets invited to the festival will read together with a Dutch or Flemish poet. After the readings there will be time for discussion between the poets and the public, and for enjoying the hospitality offered by the Embassy.

Adrian Grima’s participation in Literair Paspoort was made possible through the efforts of Mr. Alan Bugeja, First Secretary at the Embassy of Malta in The Hague.

The festival website is at


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