L’élargissement : la définition d’un nouveau paysage culturel européen

Paris 17 mai 2004

In the context of the European enlargement, the Relais Culture Europe, the cultural contact point for France, association chaired by Mrs Catherine Lalumière, is organising a series of meetings between French cultural operators and cultural operators of the new member states on ‘cultural cooperation in enlarged Europe’.

Four meetings are planned according to the following calendar :

Marseille, April 27th 2004

Opening eastwards, what future for the euro-Mediterranean partnership?

Lyon, April 29th 2004

Towards a European cultural project

Nancy 14 may th 2004

The enlargement: towards new cooperation

Paris May 17th 2004

The definition of a new cultural European landscape.

Beyond the necessity of making operators aware of the transformations and the stakes of the opening to the East, our aim is twofold: first, we want to encourage the diffusion of a larger knowledge of national and regional realities of new Europe. And secondly, we wish to give participants the opportunity to meet some of their European partners in order to create enlarged mechanisms of cooperation.

Through these meetings, we hope to examine the current state of cultural cooperation and the existing mechanisms in the various entering countries. We intend to invite cultural operators from all the entering countries in order to give them the opportunity of presenting national cultural situation, activities and projects capable of creating a partnership with the French cultural sector and developing international cooperation. Around 150 professionals will be present in Paris on May 17th when Dr. Adrian Grima will be addressing those present about supporting contemporary creativity in Malta.

The Project Manager

Paris, le 5 mai 2004


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