Aċitilena in Portuguese

The Portuguese poet Rui Cóias initially translated my poem “Aċitilena” from the English version by Albert Gatt but we then discussed the poem at length during the week-long Poetry Translation Workshop on the Galician island of San Simòn in September-October 2019 led by poet and translator Yolanda Castaño. I read the poem in Maltese, Rui asked questions and we discussed both the original version and the English rendition. We went through the same process when we were working on his translations of other poems of mine, and my translations of his poetry.

Many thanks to Dr Tatiana Faia, a leading poet herself and one of the co-editors of the Lisbon-based independent publishing project Enfermaria 6 (Ward 6) for publishing “Aċitilena.” Enfermaria 6 exists both as an online magazine and an independent imprint and is an important point of reference in Portuguese letters. Its goal, “other than conquering the world, is to publish as many emerging Lusophone authors as possible. So far over a 100 have been published online and 11 in print. Another of Enfermaria’s goals is to exist as a community of readers and also a garden of sorts.”

Here’s a snippet.

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