Reading in Sarajevo, Konjic and Mostar


Reading in Sarajevo, Konjic and Mostar

In May 2011 Adrian Grima was in Bosnia and Herzegovina to read his poetry during the 50th edition of the international festival Sarajevski dani poezije, or Sarajevo Poetry Days. He was invited to this festival by the Association of Writers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo Poetry Days was founded in 1962 with the goal of raising and preserving ethic and aesthetical literary standards in B&H. Since then, as the most prominent event of its kind not only in B&H but also in the region, Sarajevo Poetry Days continually recognizes and cherishes the values of poetry. Even in the hardest war times (1992-1995) the tradition was preserved and the festival was organized under the circumstances of aggression and deprivation of any normal way of life.

Reading in Mostar

This year’s edition featured over 120 poets from many countries, including Charles Simic (USA), who received a special Sarajevo prize from one of the presidents of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stéphane Chaumet (France), Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan, Austria), Nora Gomringer (Switzerland), Hadžem Hajdarević (BH), Nada Horvat (Croatia), Carolina Iliko (Romania), Dumitru M. Ion (Romania), Admiral Mahić (BH), Cornelia Marks (Germany), Senadin Musabegović (BH), Beste Sakalli (Cyprus), and Jasmina Topic (Serbia).

Adrian Grima’s poems were translated into Bosnian by Ulvija Tanovic. In the reading in the Hall of Culture in Konjic  on Friday 13th May at 16.30, Adrian Grima read his poems “Qamar?” and “Baħar Jgħum f’Għajnejk.” The other participants were Berçin Mustafa (Turkey), Stéphane Chaumet (France), Admiral Mahić (BiH), Mujo Musagić (BiH), Jasmina Topic (Serbia), Sabri Tucaković (BiH), and Goran Saric (Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands). The event was moderated by Fadila Nura Haver (BiH).

Adrian Grima in Konjic

His second reading was in the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar on Saturday 14th May at 19.00. This event coincided with the cultural event “Mostar Literary Spring.” Adrian Grima read his poem “Kullimkien ir-Ritratti Tagħha.” The other poets were Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan, Austria), M. Ion Dumitru (Romania), Nora Gomringer (Switzerland), Peter Gude (Croatia), Carolina Iliko (Romania), Ivan Kordic (BiH), Evgeni M’Art (Russia), Hermine Navasardyan (Armenia), Boris A. Novak (Slovenia), Charles Simic (USA) Otto Tolnai (Serbia), Ayşe Turan (Turkey), and Almir Zalihić (BH)

Adrian Grima’s last reading was on Monday, 16th May at 18.00 at an engineering school in Sarajevo and was held in cooperation with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Novi Grad – Sarajevo. Adrian Grima read his poem, “Siem Jiftakar is-Siġar t’Afabet.” The other poets taking part were Ahmed Buric (BiH), Adrian Grima (Malta), Carolina Iliko (Romania), Leyla Isik (Turkey), Suzana Lovric (BiH), Feyyaz Sağlam (Turkey) Goran Saric (Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands ), Ivan Simic (Croatia), Vojka Smiljanić Dikic (BiH), and Almir Zalihić (BH), and the moderator was again Fadila Nura Haver.


Intervista fuq Campus FM dwar il-qari fil-Bosnja u l-Ħerżegovina

Joyce Guillaumier

Fil-programm kulturali tagħha Priżma fuq Campus FM, Joyce Guillaumier intervistat lil Adrian Grima dwar is-sehem tiegħu fil-festival tal-poeżija Sarajevski dani poezije li sar f’Sarajevo u bliet oħrajn fil-Bosnja Ħerżegovina.

Grima tkellem dwar l-għarfien ikbar tal-letteratura Maltija li seħħ permezz tar-rivoluzzjoni fl-informatika u s-sehem ta’ bosta kittieba Maltin f’avvenimenti letterarji internazzjonali. Tkellem ukoll dwar it-traduzzjoni letterarja u l-istorja u l-programm ta’ qari li kellu fil-Bosnja.



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