Oliver Friggieri | L-Għada fil-Gazzetti

Dan huwa dak li ġabu l-gazzetti dwar Oliver illum il-Ħadd 22 ta’ Novembru 2020.

Kumment tiegħi fil-gazzetta Malta Today, 22 ta’ Novembru 2020

The writer and academic Prof. Adrian Grima, said Friggieri had almost single-handedly established Maltese literary theory and criticism as an academic discipline.

“We owe our work in this field to him. Even today his academic writings  remain fundamentally important to all those who want to write about our literature.

“But he was also scrupulously aware of his role and his responsibilty both as a leading public intellectual and as an educator. Students and many others found solace in his profound humanity, in his quiet manners, in his abilty to empathise with people and share their sorrow. To me, and to many others, he was a second father. I will miss him dearly.”

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