Interview and Poems in The Quietus

the_quietusAn article by the British-Maltese writer Jen Calleja in The Quietus features translations into English of two of my poems from Rakkmu (KKM 2006) and an interview. The Quietus is an online magazine, with articles about music, film, books, art, TV and popular/unpopular culture. “We enjoy Yorkshire Tea, loud music, and filling the internet with excellent words.”



Tome On The Range

Verfreundungseffekt: Is Love Enough? Versioning, Translating & Self-Translating Maltese Poetry

Jen Calleja, November 29th, 2015

Jen Calleja

Having come across one another’s work on The Quietus, British-Maltese writers Jen Calleja and James Vella worked together to create versions of two poems by celebrated Maltese poet Adrian Grima using literal translations. But should ‘versioning’ be considered translating? And can Maltese poets do without English translators altogether? (Portrait of Adrian Grima by Richard Phœnix)


Read Jen Calleja’s article

Adrian Grima_by_Richard Phœnix
A portrait of Adrian Grima by Richard Phoenix for The Quietus




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