Miriam Gamble’s Catherine Wheels

Poet Miriam Gamble has published her version in English of a poem of mine in Maltese in her new collection Pirate Music (Bloodaxe, 2014). This thrilling version of “Andrew Jħebb in-Nar” (“Andrew Dreams of Catherine Wheels”) was made at a workshop we participated in at CREAR, in Tarbert, Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland in August 2011.

Thanks to Literature Across Frontiers, Inizjamed, and the Scottish Poetry Library of Edinburgh.

Crear, in Tarbert, Argyll, is on the west coast of Scotland

In a comment on Facebook, this is what poet and translator Antoine Cassar had to say about Miriam Gamble’s version: “Fantastic translation, preserves the rhyme yet doesn’t feel contrived in the least.

miriam-gamble-pirate music
miriam-gamble-pirate music-back

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