“The Politics of Absence” published in Multiculturalismo e Diferença

“The Politics of Absence. Representations of the Other in Maltese Contemporary Short Stories”

Multiculturalismo e Diferença. Ed. Thomas Bonnici

Maringá, Brazil: Universidade Estadual de Maringá, 2011


Dr Adrian Grima’s paper on three contemporary Maltese short stories by Clare Azzopardi, Pierre J. Mejlak and Immanuel Mifsud, “The Politics of Absence. The Representation of the Other in Contemporary Maltese Short Stories,” has been published in Portuguese (translated by Prof. Thomas Bonnici, editor of the collection) as chapter 9 of the book Multiculturalismo e diferença: narrativas do sujeito na literatura negra britànica e em outras literaturas (Maringà/PR: EDUEM, 2011).

The title of Adrian Grima’s chapter is “AS POLÍTICAS DE AUSÊNCIA: REPRESENTAÇÃO DO OUTRO EM CONTOS CONTEMPOR NEOS MALTESES.” The three stories, Azzopardi’s “/No Adjective Describe Story/,” Mifsud’s “Laqgħa ma’ Mara Morbi,” and Mejlak’s “Nixtieq Ngħajjat lil Samirah,” were written in Maltese but are all available in an English translation.



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