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al-jazeera.jpgIn May 2011, Adrian Grima, Clare Azzopardi and Walid Nabhan were interviewed by the web service of Al Jazeera about the situation in the Arab world. Their comments were published on 10/5/11. Read the Arabic version here.

This is the English version of the comment submitted by Adrian Grima:

The truly brave and inspiring revolutions in different Arab countries pose serious challenges to all those European countries that have colluded with or supported various dictatorial regimes and their suppression of democracy and human rights. We must all ask ourselves whether we did our level best over the years to support civil society, from human rights activists to independent artists, when it was more “convenient” to remain silent. We have all a great deal to share with and to learn from our sisters and brothers in neighbouring Mediterranean countries and beyond, especially at grassroots level. Even now I feel that I still know so little about what is really going on in countries very close to my own.

And this makes it very difficult to assess the foreign military intervention in Libya. Like other pacifists and many Maltese who have lived and worked in Libya for many years and established deep friendships, my heart goes out to all those in Libya who are struggling for a better future. And that is why I fear that violence will breed more violence and compromise the future of generations to come. Can we find other ways to actively support those who are struggling for peace and justice in Libya, Syria, Palestine and beyond?

Dr. Adrian Grima | writer and university lecturer

The comments were published on the Al Jazeera website here.



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