Murad Shubert and poetry as an exercise in intransigence

I’m looking forward to talking about the Maltese poetry of Murad Shubert on May 9, the second day of an international conference on ‘Existence et Littérature’, jointly organised by the Department of French at the University of Malta and research group RETiiNA. International from Université Paris 8. Papers will be mostly in French.

The official poster fo the conference

I will be reading Murad’s poetry from the point of view of Alain Badiou’s work on the intransigence of poetry. This is my abstract:

Murad Shubert and poetry as an exercise in intransigence

Adrian Grima

The minimalist poetry of the Maltese-Moroccan writer Murad Shubert is, to borrow a phrase from Alain Badiou, “an exercise in intransigence.” It is a poetry that challenges the everyday use of language, the banalization of discourse, because, to once again resort to Badiou, “it is without mediation, and thus also without mediatization.” It is a poetry that refuses to pander to a public high on the easy formulas and quick fixes of traditional media and social media. It does want to communicate, to tell stories, to share emotions, to pinch and prod, but it is not hell-bent on controlling that process of communication. These are poems that navigate an existence that is always at the edge, a liminality that is existential and highly political. To join in the journey is to navigate the same perilous waters.

Alain Badiou, picture from CEASEFIRE magazine

Special thanks to Dr Marilyn Mallia, Head of the Department of French at our University, and to Prof. François Soulages.

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