Oliver Friggieri as Writer and Educator

The latest issue of the open access refereed online academic journal Postcolonial Directions in Education (Vol.9 No.2) includes a tribute to Oliver Friggieri.

Both because of the specific direction of the journal and the fact that so many wonderful tributes have been written in recent weeks, I chose to focus briefly on Oliver Friggieri as both writer and educator.

These two roles are fundamentally different and conscientious writers and educators like Oliver Friggieri often find themselves in situations in which the educator (and father) repudiates the writer.

I think Oliver Friggieri became increasingly aware of these tensions in the latter part of his career as leading public intellectual, writer, and educator.One way in which we can honour his memory and carry on his legacy is to carry on the conversation about these fundamental tensions.

Special thanks to our colleague at the University of Malta, Prof. Peter Mayo, and all the editorial team at Postcolonial Directions in Education, for paying tribute to Prof. Oliver Friggieri.


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