Grand Tour tal-Poeżija Ewropea

Out this coming Friday, Grand Tour, an anthology of young European verse, curated by Jan Wagner & Federico Italiano for Hanser Literaturverlage.  The poets include Antoine Cassar, Adrian Grima, and Abigail Ardelle Zammit. The book is on the publisher’s website here. (Thanks to Antoine Cassar for making me aware of the publication date.)

This anthology of European poetry translated into German is being published by Carl Hanser in Munich and was commissioned by the German Academy of Language and Literature. For this very ambitious and expensive project under the title „Grand Tour. Reisen durch die junge Lyrik Europas“ (Grand Tour. Travels through young poetry in Europe) the editors Jan Wagner (laureate of the Georg-Büchner-Preis 2017) and Federico Italiano collected the most important oeuvres of young European poetry today.

My poems chosen by the editors of this anthology are “Iċ-Ċimiterju ta’ Arlington, Virginia”and “Ħofor Suwed” from Rakkmu (Klabb Kotba Maltin 2006). The poems were translated into German from the original in Maltese by Ray Fabri and edited by poet Sylvia Geist.

Grand Tour - Hanser.jpg

Eine Reise durch die junge Lyrik Europas – von Albanien bis Zypern. Herausgegeben von Büchner-Preisträger Jan Wagner und Federico Italiano
Die Poesie lebt – doch die ungeheure Vielfalt der Dichter aller Sprachen, aller Länder von Albanien bis Zypern ist nahezu unbekannt. So ist es höchste Zeit für eine neue, aufregende Bestandaufnahme: Nach den legendären Vorgängern “Museum der modernen Poesie” von Hans Magnus Enzensberger (1960) und “Atlas der neuen Poesie” von Joachim Sartorius (1995) machen sich Jan Wagner und Federico Italiano auf eine faszinierende Reise. Die “Grand Tour” durch die junge Lyrik Europas gibt poetischen Proviant für Jahre: Unbekanntes, Überraschendes und Unerhörtes – in Original und Übersetzung. Eine Entdeckungsreise für wache Geister.

Google Translate:

A journey through the young poetry of Europe – from Albania to Cyprus. Published by Büchner Prize winner Jan Wagner and Federico Italiano
Poetry is alive – but the tremendous diversity of poets of all languages, from all countries from Albania to Cyprus, is almost unknown. So it is high time for a new, exciting inventory: After the legendary predecessors “Museum of Modern Poetry” by Hans Magnus Enzensberger (1960) and “Atlas of the new poetry” by Joachim Sartorius (1995), Jan Wagner and Federico Italiano a fascinating journey. The “Grand Tour” through the young poetry of Europe gives poetic food for years: unknown, surprising and unheard of – in original and translation. A journey of discovery for awake spirits.


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