Finnegan’s List 2017


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The European Society of Authors – created in the spring of 2008 – is a network open to all authors, publishers, translators, readers and cultural actors who wish to participate in the creation of an intellectual community in a multilingual and multicultural Europe.

Placing translation at the heart of our projects and thoughts, we favor an approach that takes on differences in terms of sharing and dialogue. Since October 2011, the European Society of Authors has proposed an annual list of under-translated or forgotten works called Finnegan’s List – the personal choices of a committee of 10 eminent authors from different countries.

Each writer selects three titles that make up the committee’s “elective affinities”. With this project, the European Society of Authors strives to revive a literary canon encompassing all languages spoken and written in Europe and beyond.

Each author briefly explains the reasons for their choice of books. Excerpts of these texts can be found in this brochure but we also invite you to visit our website,, to discover all of them and to find out more about Finnegan’s List and our other projects.

Our 2017 List is a special issue devoted to the Mediterranean world. The jury members are all known for their affinities with and expertise on the Mediterranean region.

For this edition, in addition to fiction, we were particularly seeking out non-fiction works and works in other genres and formats that bear witness in some way to the richness and diversity of the Mediterranean world.

If you wish to participate, to contribute or to support our projects, please write us at:


European Society of Authors


Lejn ix-Xemx is a fast-paced Romantic historical novel that was written in 1940, months before the untimely death of its author, Ġużè Bonnici, and published posthumously. It has received very little critical attention and even the Maltese original is now out of print. An adventure novel set in the Mediterranean Sea, it defies geographical and ethnic borders and comes across as a particularly topical story in a 21st century world of walls and passport controls. The protagonist’s home is on his corsair galley, the Nostra Señora, and his crew, hailing from different parts of the Mediterranean, is the community to which he belongs. This novel hasn’t been translated.


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