A Truly Moving Documentary Film

soltanto-il-mareThe award-winning film Soltanto il mare (Nothing but the sea, 48 min) is, first and foremost, a great piece of art. Extraordinary photography, filming, words, theatre. A great story with a very effective plot. And it’s a truly moving documentary film. I don’t say this because I’ve walked those streets and swam in those waters, or because I’ve had the privilege to speak to Dag Yimer and to share poetry and music with Giacomo Sferlazzo and Nicola Alesini, on stage with them on a sandy beach on Lampedusa (and before that in Lucera and Palermo) with the brightly coloured boats rocking quietly by our side. It’s a moving film because it is a delicately made story of survival, of solidarity, of connections that steers clear of the equally luring temptations to either slash and burn or idealize… And at the end, as a Maltese person, I really didn’t expect to see two of the surnames in the credits. A truly moving piece of art.
Thanks to all those involved. And thanks to Nicola Alesini and Maria Arena for the link. Un abbraccio.https://vimeo.com/58973510

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