From a ‘Cage’ to a ‘Gated Community’

Raphael Vassallo interviews Adrian Grima | Malta Today, 27 June 2021

Photos by James Bianchi | L-Istat tan-Nazzjon, Konferenza Nazzjonali organizzata mill-Presidenza tar-Repubblika, il-Palazz tal-Girgenti, il-Ġimgħa l-4 ta’ Ġunju 2021

The db project in Pembroke is about more than just the usual speculative land-grab. Prof. Adrian Grima – associate professor of Maltese literature, and a vocal critic of overdevelopment – argues that it also encapsulates our collective failure to ever “imagine a different kind of Malta.”

One thought

  1. Keep up the good fight. Future generations of Maltese children and grandchildren will sing your praises, for as we say in Australia, KEEP THE BASTARDS HONEST !

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