Antoine Cassar about Adrian Grima’s Poetry


Antoine Cassar’s paper entitled”Le son juste: Translatory problematics in the contemporary scene of polyglot poetry,” written for the 2010 ICLA conference in Seoul, has now published in Germany by LIT Verlag (2011) in a book on Translation & Multilingual Literature. Traduction & Littérature Multilingue (ISBN 978-3-643-11388-7) edited by K. Alfons Knauth, professor of Romance Philology at the University of Bochum (Germany) and chair of the Research Committee “Mapping Multilingualism in World Literature” within the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA / AILC).

Antoine Cassar’s study of intratextual translation and multilingual elements in the poetry of Lambert SchlechterPeter WesselAdrian Grima and Elia Maqueda (Medelia). The book is also available on Google Books:

This book presents a new field of research in between Translation Studies and Comparative Literature. The authors investigate the multilingual status of literary translation in connexion with the internal and external, the manifest and latent translatory processes of multilingual literature, including a comparison of the two genres. Beside the poetic, cultural and political aspects of blending languages in African, American, Asian and European literatures, the intermedial “translations” between literature, song, comics and film are also focussed upon, and furthermore the transfer between scientific and poetic discourse. Special attention is given to the creative principle inherent to translation and multilingual literature through a collaboration with the New International of polyglot poetry and performance.


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