The Teacher, Literature and the Mediterranean

The Teacher, Literature and the Mediterranean, ed. Simone Galea and Adrian Grima (Rotterdam: Sense, 2014)

Special issue of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies published by EMCER, University of Malta. General Editor: Ronald G. Sultana.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction: Simone Galea, Adrian Grima
  • The Strasbourg Stop: The Challenges of Unity and Diversity in Theory and Fiction: Ivan Callus
  • Francis Ebejer’s Struggle with Education: Teachers and Their Students in Postcolonial Literature: Marco Galea, Simone Galea
  • Mediterranean Memoirists: Revelations of True Teachers: Laila Suleiman Dahan
  • The Italian School as Seen by Teacher Writers: Antonietta Censi
  • This Is Why I Started Teaching: To Remove the Cloud from My Students’ Eyes: Anna Marina Mariani
  • Critical Mediterranean Voices: Adrian Grima
  • About the Contributors 

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